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Look, i don't usually talk about myself like that. it's...not something i like to do. i admit what i did was wrong, i admit that i am those things, and it's nice to talk to people who understands. but i hope we can put all of that aside. i'd rather if things just goes back normal. though...i don't know if what i do will change anything. :/ but i can try, right? i'll go back continuing my stories soon. i just...need to clean up first. and :iconethanredotter: i am sorry about your Cat Snickers. i really am. i hope you can forgive me one day. and if you can, could you tell :iconthescarletmercenary: to unblock me? we just met and we don't even know each other. pretty sure the reason he blocked me was because of your journal. also a side note, i have to weren't very mature yourself. telling me to get run over by a truck? and you say i'm immature. XD
:iconethanredotter: has posted this… and has turned everyone against me. i have no friends anymore...i've lost the will to live...and i have no reason to continue. you should know my life. maybe post this to Ethan but...i doubt this will change his mind. nothing i do will change your mind about me.

despite what i said to him...i do care about what happened to his Cat Snickers. what he went through...i wouldn't wish that on anybody. not even my worst enemy. i care about what happened to his Cat because...i had a few pets in my life. i had a Blue Bird when i was very young. i can't remember his name, but i know he's been around for a long time. he died when i was 6 i think. buried him in the backyard. i had a Dog name Pal, named after Arthur's Dog from the show Arthur. heh. had him when i was 8. he had a few accidents in the past. had his leg injured one time. but then he...died. got run over by some jerk and i saw Pal die. he was still breathing. bleeding and then...he passed away. it was the saddest the moment of my life. i still think of him everyday. and my last pet was a Cat name Socks. named after her white paws. she, and another Black Cat, were given to us by our neighbors when i was 16 i think. Blacky, the Black Cat, left a year later. can't say i blame him. Socks, was the only one who stayed. had litters of Kittens. i was happy for her.^^ when those Kittens grew up...well...i'll get to that soon. by 2011...i never saw her again. i hope she is okay. so despite how i acted towards Ethan and his Cat...i understand deeply how he felt.

Now...for my life. i was born partly deaf. it's difficult to explain but...i could never learn the basics school had to offer and i was always picked on because of it. half my childhood was going to the doctors to get an operation on my ears or going through an ear test. i never liked it. but i can hear clearly now. but that's not the full reason why i act this way. my childhood was a mess. everytime i try to make a friend they either turn against me, or move away. in school it was and teachers(yes the teachers as well) were picking on me to no end. liked i said, i had no friends in school. and if things weren't bad enough...*sighs* look, there's a reason why i seriously do not want :icontyrannedragon: to join the police force. what i went through...damn's...too personal and too much to talk about. but awhile later, i lived with my Mom. i rarely saw my father, and personally i wished i never saw the bastard. in those years living with my Mom and going to a new school was a little rough. but, we managed. i made a friend in school name Sebastian. nice guy. we started off hating each other, until we found something we both liked.^^ we've been best friends for a long time. from Grade 5 to Grade 10. that was only the bright side i was talking about. in those years in school were...hell. like before the kids were picking on me, i kept getting bullied, and i was learning nothing in school. i was picked on so much that even during the first few days of Junior High i was beat up. and almost killed. that punk choked me. i don't even know how i escaped. in those years of Junior High had it's up and down moments. and sometimes...i visit my father. wish i didn't. but when High School came...i just couldn't deal with it anymore. i left school. and i left my friend Sebastian. i never saw him again. i hope him well. after i left school i lived with my father for a year. my father...he was...unstable. he always got angry. everytime when he got angry i thought it was my fault. i tried to win his respect. and during those days i...met some people. i had lovers. girlfriends boyfriend. yes, i'm bisexual. shut up. and i went through so many break ups. how many? 30. how i didn't go psychopath is beyond me. >_> my boyfriend...betrayed me. i thought he hacked my Youtube channel and, stupid me, i gave him my password. then somebody mucked around my channel and i had to fix everything. i knew it was him. even if he said he didn't, i know it was him because i stupidly gave him my password. >_< but...that wasn't the worst of it. on 2011 of December, a few days before Christmas, everything changed. my father, he broke my stuff, threw me out, and the slammed the door in my face! like i was his wife or something! everytime i think back to that moment, even now, i feel a burning rage inside me! a rage i want to unleash on my father. after he threw me out my Mom brought me home. it was...difficult. but soon everything was okay. in a way. there's so much what happened after that...i don't know how to explain. but my father lost his house, good, and some of the stuff inside had to be moved to a storage unit. and all my money and Mom's money was spent on that damn storage unit. we paid on it for 4 years. but it's gone now. and we sold most of the stuff in yard sells. but before that father showed his true colors. i never saw him again. it's been 3 years since i saw him. and i hope to never see him again. after i stopped talking him...i made a Youtube channel. i made non-commentary walkthroughs and i've been doing it for awhile now. and i intend to keep doing it. and soon...i began to write stories.^^

My childhood was ruined because of my father. he is a bastard. i can't even explained what he is! if the devil's him. all that jerk cares about is drinking and gambling. i highly doubt he loved me. but my Mom always kept telling me that my father has a mental illness. he's crazy. but that's no excuse what he's done me! no excuse what i said to Ethan! in that year i lived with him...i'm no different then him! i admit that! i'm selfish, i'm an asshole, and i'm an attention whore! i admit that! my friends tried to show me the errors of my ways...and i cast them aside. i took an oath! an oath i broke. i swore that i would never become those who seek attention. it was a promise i made. i promise i broke. and now...because of my actions...i suffer. :(

I'll tell you why i broke my oath, why i hurt those who cared about me, why i seek attention, why i made everyone hate me. i'm scared. in the Bible, God doesn't want us to be scared. but i am afraid. of what? my mortality. my life is ticking away. any day could be the end of life. i'm afraid of dying. afraid that i will never be remembered...that i never left my mark on history. this is why i hated :iconkurapika:'s comic No Future. it was about life and death. i didn't want to hear anything about it. in my life...i want to meet a nice a girl and start a family with her, and be remembered for many generations. but...things are looking slim. if i could turn back the clock and start over...but i can't. all i can do is live with the damage i've caused. now, i'm 21, i live in a basement apartment with my Mom, we have very little money(though sometimes we get lucky), i have no friends in the real world and i can't trust anyone, and i am nothing more then a shell of a man. i am nothing more then a failure as a human being.

i don't deserve to be friends with :iconkatagro: or :iconbleedingwings12:. they must think less of me now...i am again...alone.
i need you to watch this...and let me know i haven't gone crazy.…
Okay, so update on what's going on.^^ first off, i like to say welcome back to :iconkatagro:. welcome back, Kat.^^ so, right now i'm in the middle of writing 2 stories and a script for the Post-Apocalyptic comic.*sighs* i still don't have a title for it. >_< right now i am writing the 3rd chapter for Elysium: Reborn, i should have it in either a few days or next week. or maybe longer depending on the circumstances. i just bought Destiny and have begun recreating my character. it's gonna take a while for that. -_- and as for the Elysium story...i'm having a difficult time with the first chapter. i kind of thought of something but it's still gonna take time to finish. i don't know WHEN it's gonna be finished though, but i will finish it.^^ now, as for the script for my Post-Apocalyptic comic with :iconthe-common-commander:...that's another story. no pun intended. lol according to what Cam said, his OCT contest will end, or whatever happens, on the 22nd of August. i doubt my script will be done by then because i haven't got the major stuff finished. the characters aren't made yet, the locations aren't done, i'm adding stuff to my folder on what's gonna be in the comic, etc. and along with that i got a gameplay to make next month. yeah, i'm a busy bee. lol i won't give you the revelations on the comic's backstory. not yet anyway. when i am like 50% done i'll release journal or whatever on the comic's backstory.^^ and that is all.^^
15 deviations
*General Kakor is one step ahead of Zack and his friends. after learning where the Requians went, Zack, Kat, Nathan, and their new found friends Clyde and Leon, follows them by taking an elevator going down to sub-level 5*

Leon: i don't get it. all this trouble for some Bunker?

Clyde: they could be looking for weapons.

Zack: why do you say that?

Clyde: ever since Twilight Gap the Requians has been trying to look for something to tip the balance of this war in their favor again. luckily no success.^^

Zack: not unless we stop them.

*the elevator stops at Sub-level 5 and the group exits the elevator. the group are in a lit tunnel that has been dug out, but not filled like the other Sub-levels*

Clyde: huh. looks like they couldn't afford some tiles.*chuckles*

*the group continues to move down the tunnel until they come to the opened Diamond shaped door*

Zack: what is this?

Nathan: this has to be the entrance to the bunker.

Leon: you think so? i thought this was the doorway to The Void.

*the group walks inside the Bunker RAS-2. as they continue to walk down they notice that the interior design of the bunker is completely different from the facility up top. it was much more advance, cleaner, and much more. the group wonders what this bunker was built for. was it built as a hidden refuge, or for something else. their questions came to a halt when they enter a large room and sees General Kakor and his Requians as they march through an open large Diamond shaped door*

General Kakor:*directs his soldiers forward* move! find me Rasputin!

Requian Grunt(type I):*spots Zack and his friends* General! Elysians!

General Kakor: what!?*sees the Elysians* how did they survive!? kill them!*moves inside* shut this door!

*the Requian Servitor scans a control panel and closes the large Diamond shape door. the group now faces 4 Requian Juveniles, armed with Type-54 Plasma Pistols, 3 Grunts(type I), armed with RMGs, and 2 Requian Snipers, armed with Stalker Sniper Rifles. the Requians fires at the group and they fire back. Kat fires at the Snipers with her M392 DMR by shooting them in the heads. Leon fires at the Grunts and shoots one in the head. Zack fires at another Grunt and kills it, which makes the Juveniles flee in fears*

Requian Juvenile: i regret everything!

*Zack fires at the Juveniles and shoots 2 and stabs another in the head with his Combat Knife. the Juvenile runs around in terror and Clyde hits it in the face with the butt of his Shotgun. the group approaches the large door and tries to open, but nothing seems to work*

Zack: is there a switch around here?

Leon: that Servitor must've locked the door. i don't see any emergency switches.

Clyde: darn it. i knew i should've brought a Mini Nuke. >_<

Nathan: why don't you use your head as a battering ram? maybe that will work.

Clyde: hey good idea.^^

Nathan: that was sarcasm. stupid.

Clyde: too late!^^*charges head first at the door* ahhhhhh!!!*hits his head on the door and falls on the floor* ow.

Zack: knock it off you two. there has to be through.*thinks*

*as Zack thinks, an earpiece radio on a table starts to beep. Zack notice it and walks towards it. he picks it and puts it in his ear*

Zack: ummm...hello?

Friend(radio): use the vents to get to get to the second level. i can open them from here.

*the group sees 2 vent doors opening next to the entrance where the group came in*

Zack: who is this?

Clyde: i feel dizzy!

Friend(radio): who i am is not important at the moment. i am friend and while you're not who i expected...i'm in position to be picky. go through vents and it will lead to the maintenance area. i will do what i can to slow the Requians down. go! now!

Zack: uhhh...okay. we'll have to go through those vents to get to the maintenance area.

Clyde: i'm on the floor. why won't nobody help me?

Kat: coming!^^*helps Clyde up*

Nathan: is that what whoever was on that radio said?

Zack: yeah. and we need to hurry.*gets inside and the others follows him*

*Zack moves in the vent and find a small ladder in the vents that leads down into a hallway. they head down and enters in a unlit hallway one by one and they can't see anything*

Clyde: ahhh! help me! i'm blind!

Kat: ow! who stepped on my tail!?

Nathan: sorry!

Zack:*gets on the radio* hey, friend. can you turn on the lights in the maintenance area? we can't see anything!

Friend(radio): don't you have flashlights?

Nathan: will your friend turn on the bloody lights!?

Friend(radio): rerouting power to maintenance area...*the lights in the hallways turns on* and the lights are on.

Zack: thanks.*gets off the radio. he and his friends continues to move forward*

Friend(radio): listen up, there are a dozen Shanks up ahead. Kakor's Servitors must've alerted him about the recent power transfer.

Zack: got it. we got shanks ahead!

*the group moves forward until they enter a long hallway that leads to some stairs at the end on the left side. all that stands between them are Requian Shanks that pops out of the ceiling vents and they fire at the group*

Kat:*dodges* whoa!*fires at them and destroys 2 Shanks*

Clyde: Shanks? booo.*fires at them and destroys a few*

*the group move down the hall and shoots down any Shanks they come across and until they get to the stairs. they run up on the stairs and enters a room with couple of table and some computer parts on them and a couple of advanced generators on the left and right side of the room and more stairs leading up to a door that leads into a hallway. suddenly 7 more Shanks enters the room through the hallway entrance and they fire at the group*

Clyde: ugh, i'm sick of Shanks! can we fight something interesting!?*fires at them and destroys a few of them*

Nathan: careful what you wish for, knucklehead.*fires his P35 Plasma Rifle at them and destroys the rest*

*after Clyde and Nathan destroyed the Shanks, the group runs up and enters the hallway and moves forward*

Nathan: okay, i have to ask...why should we trust this guy, who we know nothing about, on the radio?

Friend(radio): tell him because you people are my only hope of getting out of here.

Zack: he heard ya, Nate. he said we're his only hope of getting out of here.

Nathan: uhhh...okay.

Zack:*gets on the radio* hey, Friend. are these Requians after you? if so, why?

Friend(radio): because what i know, if it falls into the wrong hands, would mean the end of Elysium. damn. they're close. you have hurry and get here fast!

Zack: we have to move now!*the group runs down the hall and enters a large area with 2 Cargo Elevators leading down to the bottom floor. both are used. Zack hits the button that raises the first Cargo Elevator. the elevator arrives, but with a single Requian Captain, 2 Grunts(type I) and 4 Juveniles and they fire at the group* oh, crap! O.O*dodges and fires back with his Hakke Pulse Rifle*

*the Captain fires his Shrapnel Launcher at Clyde but he dodges and Leon shoots the Captain in the head with his Sniper Rifle. the death of the Captain causes the Juveniles to flee*

Requian Juvenile: little people first! save yourselves!*runs around*

Requian Grunt(type I): kill the Elysians!*fires at the group*

Kat:*fires at the Grunts and kills both of them by shooting them in the head* ow. that's gonna leave a mark.*chuckles*

*Zack, Clyde and Nathan finish off the Juveniles by shoot them all. after that, the group enters the Cargo Elevator and pushes a button to go down*

Zack:*gets on the radio* hey, Friend. we close to where you are?

*meanwhile in the Central A.I. Core room, the group's "friend" is on a computer terminal with a few monitors on it and it is how "friend" watches the group and Kakor's Requians*

Friend: yes. take the elevator and go through the door over the bridge. it will take you to the Central A.I. Core room. that's where i am.*hears noises outside the room* listen to me, i don't know who you people are or how you manage to survive this far...but listen. they must never find the Paragon. if they do, if the Requians gets their hands on it, Elysium is doom!*the noises outside the room gets louder*

Zack(radio): what!? what are you talking about?

Friend: if i'm captured...find Osiris! tell him what happened! tell him...*the door that leads out of the room explodes open and several Requians enters and they fire at "friend"*

Requian Grunt(type I): set to stun! the General wants him alive!

Friend:*grabs his Heavy Fusion Rifle and fires at the Requians with single charged shots* you beasts will have to kill me first!

*"friend" kills a Grunt(type I) and a Requian Needler Grunt. then, General Kakor enters the room and throws a Stun Device at "friend" and it sticks to him and shocks him, causing him to go unconscious and falls on the floor*

Kakor, Ottera Conqeror:*laughs and walks towards "friend's" unconscious body* i see that the Elysians were trying to rescue you. a pity they're too late.*kneels and grabs "friend" by the throat* you're my prize now...Rasputin. >: )

*meanwhile on a Cargo Elevator with Zack and his friends still on it, the elevator reaches the bottom floor and they exit it*

Zack:*gets on the radio* friend can you hear me? friend!*no answer comes* damn. they must've gotten to him.

Kat: then we better hurry!

*the group moves towards the bridge that is suspended over water. suddenly a single Captain, 3 Grunts(type I), and 2 Snipers exits the doorway on the other side of the bridge and they fire at the group*

Requian Captain: Elysians spotted!

*Zack fires at the Grunts(type I) and kills 2. Zack's Pulse Rifle runs out of ammo and sees a Khvostov 7G-02 Auto Rifle. he discards his Pulse Rifle and grabs the Khvostov and uses it to fire at the Requians and kills another Grunt and hits a Captain and he fires at Zack, which Zack takes cover*

Kat:*fires at the Snipers and shoots them both in the head through their targeting helmets* double headshot!^^ i'm on a killing spree!^^

Clyde: watch this, cutie!^^*runs at the Captain and the Captain fires at Clyde. he dodges his shots by zigzaging left and right and he slides underneath the Captain and shoots them in the back, killing him instantly. and Clyde gets up* taadaa!^^

Zack: that was impressive.^^

Kat: X3

Leon: show off!^^

Zack: anyway, lets get going.*Zack and his friends runs into the door where the Requians came from and they enter a hallway and goes through a few diamond shaped doors*

*the group soon arrives in an open area that is outside of the Central A.I. Core room, which filled with a single Captain, 2 Grunts(type II), 5 Juveniles and a single Servitor, and with presence of the Servitor the Requians are giving a purple glow and a little tough to kill. the Requians fires at the group*

Requian Captain: keep the vermin busy! we need to give the General more time!

Requian Juvenile: have some of this, ya jerks!*throws a Type-1 Plasma Grenade at the group*

Nathan: oh, crap! hit the deck! O.O*dodges as the grenade lands on the floor next to the group and it explodes. but the group dodges in time*

Clyde:*takes out his M7 SMG and fires at the Requians and kills a Grunt(type II) and 2 Juveniles* have a free grenade my friends!^^*throws an M9 Frag Grenade at the Requians*

Requian Juvenile:*sees the grenade being thrown* ahhh! run away!*runs and the grenade explodes killing him, his Juvenile comrade and the last Grunt(type II), but damages the Captain and he roars at the group*

Leon: ah, shut up!*shoots the Captain in the head*

*the group destroys the Servitor and they run inside the Central A.I. Core room. only to find that neither Rasputin or Kakor and his Requians are in the room. just a couple of dead Requians on the floor. judging from the bed, a table with some food on it, machine parts on the floor, and a computer terminal, this was made has Rasputin's living quarters*

Clyde: huh. this must be where the guy lives. not a bad setup. looks a lot nicer then my apartment.*the group walks in and looks around. Clyde looks down and finds Rasputin's Heavy Fusion Rifle* hey, look what i found!^^*picks it up*

Nathan: what is that thing? O.o

Clyde: i have no idea but i call dibs.^^*aims and tries to fire but can't pull the trigger* what the...?*looks on the left side of the gun and sees two words blinking red that says "ID locked"* an ID Locked weapon? wow. nobody has used those since the Dark Era.

Nathan:*checks the Computer Terminal. on one of the monitors, Nathan sees Kakor walking down a hall with a couple dozen Requians escorting him, while a couple of them are carrying an unconscious Rasputin* hey, guys! i found them!

Zack: where are they?

Nathan: they're heading towards the Cargo Elevators. i think they're leaving.

Zack: okay. Nathan, stay here and keep us updated about Kakor. Clyde, Leon, you two stay here and protect Nathan. Kat, you're with me.

Clyde: why can't i come?

Zack: because i said so.*looks at Kat* lets go.*runs out of the room with Kat following*

Clyde: awww. :( but i wanted to kill something.

Leon: you'll get your chance.^^

*Zack and Kat runs down the hall and return back to the Cargo Elevators and they spot Kakor and his Requians entering the second elevator*

Zack: hey! stop right there!*fires at Kakor and his Requians. his shots missed and the elevator door closes and it goes up* damn it! this way!*he and Kat runs into the first Cargo Elevator and pushes the button to go up*

*Kakor's elevator reaches the top floor and he and his Requians exits the elevator and goes through a doorway where they came from before. Zack and Kat reaches the top floor and exits their elevator and follows them*

Nathan(radio): Zack, be careful! Kakor just left some tough Requians to guard the way out of Bunker.

Zack: thanks for the heads up.

*Zack and Kat soon arrives in the room where they first came into the Bunker and encounter a single Servitor that strengthens the nearby Requians which are 3 Grunts(type I), 1 Requian Marauder, armed with a Requian Plasma Shotgun, 2 Needler Grunts, armed with Type-33 Needlers, and 4 Juveniles and they fire at Zack and Kat*

Requian Grunt(type I): keep those Elysians busy!*fires at Zack and Kat and he gets shot in the head by Kat*

Kat: headshot!^^

Requian Marauder: you're gonna get shredded!*runs at them and fires*

Zack: whoa! O.O*dodges and fires at the Marauder and kills him* here's a party gift!*throws a Plasma Grenade at a Juvenile and it sticks on him*

Requian Juvenile: ahhhh! help!*runs in terror and explodes. killing the other Juveniles, both Needler Grunts and destroys the Servitor*

*Zack and Kat gets out of cover and fires at the last two Grunts(type I) and they run out of the room and runs upstairs until they are out of the Bunker and in the tunnels. they see Kakor and his Requians enters a elevator and they head up*

Zack: damn it! not again!*looks up and sees the stairs going up* we'll take the stairs!*runs up on the stairs*

Kat:*pants and gets tired* holy cow...slow down! you're going fast!*tries to catch up with Zack*

*later, Kakor, and the two Marauders carrying Rasputin with a Grunt(type II) guarding them, arrives on the rooftop helipad as a Type-56 Lich flies in a lands and it activates a green glowing gravity lift beam. the Marauders carrying Rasputin enters first and it brings them into the Lich, then Kakor himself, and finally the Grunt(type II). Zack and Kat arrives on the helipad, but too late. the Lich deactivates it's gravity lift beam and flies away*

Zack: ah! crap! >_<*gets on radio* Nathan, they got away.

Nathan: damn. so now what?

Zack: we'll meet back with you and decide what to do next.

*meanwhile on the Lich Kakor is on, he turns his head to a Captain*

Kakor, Ottera Conqueror: Captain, contact all aircraft units. tell them to finish this facility. we are done here.*walks away*

*the Captain nods and gets on the radio. then, all the Type-25 Spirit Troop Carriers and Type-26A Banshees starts to open fire on Nochalo with everything they have*

Zack: O.O oh crap. they're blowing the place up! we have to get back to the Bunker!*runs*

Kat: you don't have to tell me twice! OoO*runs with Zack*

*Zack and Kat quickly runs through the facility has the Requian Aircraft units fires on the place. they dodges falling wreckage, avoid explosions, rolls under the wreckage, and so on*

Nathan(radio): Zack! what's going on up there!? the place is shaking!

Zack:*runs* oh, nothing much! just...crap blowing up is all! and running for our lives! OoO

Kat:*runs as well* just another day at the office! OoO

*Zack and Kat quickly gets into the elevator and pushes the button the leads to Sub-level 5. they reach the bottom and runs out of the elevator and runs through the tunnel as it shakes. they jump inside the Bunker and rolls down the stairs as the Tunnel collapses. blocking the way out*

Nathan(radio): Zack? Zack! come in! come in, Zack! Zack!

Zack:*groans in pain* i'm...i'm here, Nate. >_< i'm okay.

Clyde(radio): what about, Kat? is she okay?

Nathan(radio): get off the radio!

Kat:*upside down and against the wall and is dizzy* are we gonna do this again tomorrow?^^

Zack: yeah, she's fine.^^*gets up and looks up the stairs and sees the entrance is blocked by rubble* but our only way out is blocked.

Nathan(radio): well that's just perfect. >_< first we lose the guy who helped us and now we're stuck here.

Zack: don't give up, Nate. there should be an alternate way out of here. we're on our way back. Zack out.*gets off the radio and helps Kat up*

*meanwhile, Kakor's Lich flies towards a Requian Base in the Saviron Highlands that use to be a Wolf Colony. now it is Sardok's Base of Operations with 3 Requian Warships in the air guarding it. later, Kakor and his Marauders who are carrying Rasputin walks down the grimly looking hallway. they enter the Base's Command Center and they see Sardok, Fist of Ganor. he is the supreme commander of Ganor's army and the Swarm Princes, Kakor included, are his Generals. Sardok sits on a throne-like chair and sees Kakor and his Marauders bringing in Rasputin*

Kakor, Ottera Conqueror: Supreme Commander Sardok.*kneels* i have brought Rasputin as you requested.

Sardok, Fist of Ganor:*smiles in delight* excellent, Kakor. no complications i expect?

Kakor, Ottera Conqueror: we...ran into some Elysian vermin. five of them, sir.

Sardok, Fist of Ganor:*growls and gets up from his chair* take Rasputin to his cell. Tyrus will pry the information out of him.*the Marauders takes Rasputin away* the Elysians...they are dead, yes?

Kakor, Ottera Conqueror:*nervous* i...i don't know, Supreme Commander. i only saw two of them. i don't know about the other three.

Sardok, Fist of Ganor:*paces left and right and watches Kakor* where did they come from?

Kakor, Ottera Conqueror: they were in separate groups. i don't know where the first group came from. the second...came from North.

Sardok, Fist of Ganor: North? hmmm.*ponders* you are excused, General. for now. you are dismissed.

*Kakor stands up and bows respectfully and leaves the Command Center. Sardok sits down and activates a holographic image of Fukar, The First. called so because Fukar is the first of the Swarm Princes, a brilliant and seasoned military strategist, and was the reason why the Requians were winning many battles before the Battle of Twilight Gap*

Fukar, The First(hologram):*bows* what is your command, Sardok.

Sardok, Fist of Ganor: i want you to take your forces to Meridian. and destroy everything in your path.

Fukar, The First(hologram): everything, sir?

Sardok, Fist of Ganor: yes. for 10 years we have been on the defensive. for 10 years we have been at a stalemate with the Elysians. no more. this will be our counter-strike. we will smoke them out, hunt them down, leave no rock unturned. blast them in the air, smash them on the ground! the attack on Meridian will show all of the Elysium, that the Requians has the advantage once again!

End of Chapter 2...
Elysium: Reborn - Ch.2: Capture
Uh-oh. the Requians has captured Rasputin and plans on torturing him. O.O and to make things worse, they plan on attacking Meridian. how will our heroes stop this? find out in Ch.3: Victory & Defeat.^^ please comment and share. :) (and no trolling about how i write it or you will be blocked.)
Next Chapter: Coming Soon!
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Elysian Characters
Zack -… (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
(Voiced by Me)
Kat -… (made by :iconkatagro: )
(Voiced by :iconkatagro: )
Nathan -… (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
(Voiced by Josh Keaton)
Clyde -… (made by :iconkatagro: )
(Voiced by Jason Marsden)
Leon -… (made by :iconkatagro: )
(Voiced by Will Friedle)
Rasputin -… (made by :iconkatagro: )
(Voiced by Crispin Freeman)

Requian Characters
Kakor, Ottera Conqueror - (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
(Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)
Sardok, Fist of Ganor - No Image Available (made by Unknown)
(Voiced by Daniel Riordan)
Fukar, The First - No Image Available (made by Unknown)
(Voiced by David Boat)

Requian Juvenile - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
(Voiced by Lorne Lanning)
Requian Grunt(type I) - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
Requian Grunt(type II) - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
Requian Needler Grunt - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
Requian Sniper - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
Requian Marauder - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
Requian Captain - No Image Available (made by :iconbleedingwings12: )
(Voiced by Bradly Dee Baker, David Boat & Dave Wittenberg)
Requian Servitor -… (made by Bungie)
Requian Shank -… (made by Bungie)

Elysian Weapons
Khvostov 7G-02 -… (made by Bungie)
Hakke Pulse Rifle -… (made by Bungie)
P35 Plasma Rifle -… (made by Bethesda)
M392 DMR -… (made by Bungie)
M9 Frag Grenade -… (made by 343 Inc.)
M7 SMG -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Heavy Fusion Rifle -… (made by Bungie)
Zack's Combat Knife -… (made by Epic)
Clyde's Shotgun -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Leon's Sniper Rifle -… (made by Bungie)

Requian Weapons
Requian Machine Gun -… (made by id Software)
Requian Plasma Shotgun -… (made by Bioware)
Type-54 Plasma Pistol -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Type-33 Needler -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Type-1 Plasma Grenade -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Shrapnel Launcher -… (made by Bungie)
Stalker Sniper Rifle -… (made by Propaganda Games)

Type-26A Banshee -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Type-25 Spirit Troop Carrier -… (made by Bungie)
Type-56 Lich -… (made by 343 Inc.)
Requian Warship -… (made by Bungie)
Terra - a world that lies in the balance of Light and Dark. Peace and War. Life and Death. a world that is also home to the races of humanoid animals. some possess unique and wonderful, or dreadful, abilities, while some do not, and others are special in their own way. but our story takes place in the land known as, Elysium. Elysium, homeland to the Elysians. in Elysian Tribes, legend claims that during the Ancient Era, a war was fought between two powerful Gods for the sole purpose of claiming Elysium. it is said that when The Dark God, whose name shall never be spoken, was defeated he unleashed a Great Poison unto Elysium and nearly brought annihilation to all who lived there. Elysia, Goddess of Light and creator of Elysium, sacrificed herself so her land and creations can live pure in the light. it is also said that Elysia is now everywhere and everything. she is the ground, the grass, the rocks, the trees, and even in magic. in many places of Elysium contains magical sources of different kinds. fountains of water to heal, trees that gives strength, or even crystals that gives wisdom. but sadly, as the years went on, Elysia's children abuses her gifts. using their newfound magic to achieve their own ends. such as raising the dead, creating abominations of nature, corrupting and twisting magical artifacts that can destroy entire lands, there are many vile things they do with their Goddess' gifts. Elysium is scattered. the Elysians are in separate Tribes, Clans, or Packs. some form pacts, while others prefers to raid and plunder. as the Elysian Tribes fights each other, dark forces rises in the Unknown Regions. creatures that lives in the harsh and cruel lands of the Unknown Regions. once a divided race, now united with a single goal: to conquer Elysium for their own. the Elysians, divided, cannot hope to stand against a united army that lived in lives of brutal conflicts. but hope remains. a slim hope. for the fate of Elysium, the fate of all Elysians, now rests on a young hybrid.
Elysium - Prologue
I have changed everything! i hope you like this new prologue and what is to come.^^ and please leave a comment.^^
Next Chapter: Coming Soon!

Edit: i shorten the title to just "Elysium". because the title Elysium: Reborn doesn't make sense. in fact, i'll save that for another story.^^
Edit-2: i changed a little to the story. hope you guys don't mind.^^


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